We will accept:

PCs & any component parts

Laptops / notebooks / PDA / netbooks / tablets

TFT screens / flat-panel televisions

Servers / disk arrays / Apple Macintosh™ / Sun™

Printers / all-in-one printers / faxes / scanners / toners / cartridges

Large (two-man lift) printers - chargeable at £15 + VAT as part of a general collection. Fee may be waived

Standalone photocopiers - chargeable at £50 + VAT when taken as part of a general collection

Keyboards / mice / wires / cables / power supplies

Network switches / hubs / routers / wireless access points / modems / telecoms / mobile phones

A/V equipment / video & DVD players / projectors

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors (including terminals, iMacs, eMacs and other integrated PCs)

Office furniture / computer desks / chairs / trolleys / filing cabinets

Other items may be accepted at the discretion of our driver

but we cannot accept:

Photocopiers or UPS equipment that cannot be loaded by hand. We will of course accept anything you forklift onboard, as we have a forklift at our workshop

Damaged CRT monitors or CRT tubes

Fluorescent tubes

Air conditioning units / fridge-freezers